Pop Star Chris Brown Brags about Beating His Girlfriend in a Very Public Manner

TRIGGER WARNING (This post includes come content that may invoke an emotional response).

This is pretty abhorrent…

After being the spotlight of some immense criticism around the obvious evidence and his own guilty plea that he had beaten his then girlfriend, pop singer Rihanna, in 2009, Chris Brown responds by tattooing an image of a bruised and beaten woman on his neck.

The issue was brought back to the public light when Brown was asked to perform at the 2011 Grammy awards and was himself awarded several Grammys.

Now, he’s topped himself with this gruesome and highly public tattoo, essentially bragging about his conquests and control over women. This article does a good job analyzing this gesture from a sociological standpoint.


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  1. Very troubling image on Chris Brown’s neck. What was he thinking? I’m glad you brought this up. He gets rewarded for bad behavior, I guess. That tattoo had to hurt. Maybe he wants to continue to be punished for what he did. It is good to discuss this issue and keep people aware of how important it is to respect our fellow humans. Pat Robertson is from the Dark Ages….Talks about scripture, then condones violence!

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