Giving Recovery a Voice

The Powerful Voices Project’s mission is to educate, empower, and enhance the conversation around sexual assault and its survivors.

Hear Our Voices

A Space for People to Speak, Heal, Listen, and be Informed

The Powerful Voices Project is the beginning of the new face of survivors.

This short film series illuminates the strength and resiliency of sexual assault survivors and empowers them to focus on their personal stories in service to their healing. We’re giving recovery a voice.

Who we Support and Help


No matter your background, your story matters. You are not alone and healing is possible.

Loved Ones

As part of a survivor’s support network, it’s important to be there, be kind, and believe. Listen to their stories.

General Public

Increased education and awareness on sexual assault can help prevent it. Listen to, and believe, survivors’ stories.

Revealing the Steps to Recovery and Resilience

Sexual assault is a destructive public health epidemic rooted in toxic masculinity and other harmful gender norms, and a pervasive lack of education and awareness. One of our goals is to prevent harmful sexual experiences by raising awareness and revealing the steps to recovery and resiliency. We need to accept the reality of the problem and the nuances of the solution.

Becky and Frances

In 2011, Becky Fein and Frances McCorkle co-created the Powerful Voices Project. The two had met while serving in Americorps in Santa Rosa, California.

Becky, the founding director, has continued the work of the Powerful Voices Project through story curation and public speaking.

Featured Journeys

What began as acts of control exhibited by her teen-aged boyfriend at the time, the situation continued to digress into a cycle of abuse that Nawz had grown up to perceive as normal.

“I’m going to make my life beautiful, despite what happened to me. In other words, I’m saying, do not let rape define who you are and who you can become.”

“I don’t struggle with talking out about it, and I’m really grateful for that because it means that today, I don’t blame myself for anything or feel that it’s in anyway changed who I am.”

Recent Recovery Story

Bernadette Sirate: Implied Consent… Not a Real Thing

I can’t remember the first time he raped me, or how many times during our nine year marriage it occurred. What I do remember is the last time it happened. In January of 2012 my then husband asked to return to our home to retrieve a few items and spend some time with our kids before leaving for his trip to the Philippines.

Want to Submit Your Own Recovery Story?

Rape Survivor Is Creating Project To Let Others Tell Their Sto...

This rape survivor is traveling the country to let women with the same experience share their stories

Posted by NowThis on Saturday, October 8, 2016

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“Fein’s Powerful Voices Project aims to shatter myths about sexual assault, including who it involves and what forms it takes.”

– Julie Johnson, The Press Democrat

Recent Blog Posts

Rise Up Rally, Santa Rosa, CA

On Nov. 3, 2018, we got together to make some noise and to make our voices heard about the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh. Powerful Voices Project Founding Director, Becky Fein was invited to speak.

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New Website!

New Website!

I couldn't be more proud and grateful to present the new Powerful Voices Project website!! A special thank you to Michelle Balge of Worth It Designs for her outstanding work envisioning and designing the new site. Michelle is launching her web design career, focusing...

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Looking for a Speaker for Your Next Event?

Becky Fein speaks about public health issues, sexual assault, and more. Whether you are seeking a training, workshop, keynote address, panelist, or guest speaker, she will work with you to ensure that your objectives are covered.

Making a Connection

“Witnessing someone speak about their journey can help them come out of isolation and realize that their experience, while unique to them, is widely known and experienced.  It allows for connection where before there was none.”

– Meagan Pugh, LPCC & PVP Interviewee

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