Meet the Founders

Becky Fein and Frances McCorkle

In 2011, Becky Fein and Frances McCorkle co-created the Powerful Voices Project. The two had met while serving in Americorps in Santa Rosa, California and became fast friends.

On one particularly fateful evening, they each disclosed their experiences of rape with one another. This was the first time that either had shared their stories in a meaningful way. Neither had ever categorized the experience or fully understood it until that night, when they heard someone else’s stories. For the first time they knew that they weren’t alone, that there are others who understood, and that experiences of sexual assault are nuanced with long-lasting effects.

Where they are now

In 2015, Frances followed her dream to study tattoo artistry and has since become a highly-accomplished tattoo artist. View her work.

Becky has continued the work of the Powerful Voices Project through story curation and public speaking.

Becky Fein



Becky grew up in the small town of Monte Rio, California, and has been involved with the field of sexual health from her teenage years. The topics of sexual health, women’s rights, and reproductive justice were the pervasive themes of her undergraduate studies at the University of California, Davis. Her passion for the broad topic of sexual health education led her to pursue a Master’s degree of Public Health (MPH) with an emphasis in reproductive health at Columbia University in New York City.



Becky has extensive experience and training in health education, crisis counseling, and social outreach. Becky is a survivor of sexual assault and committed to building conversation and community around the issue of survivor empowerment as a means to shift the paradigm and prevent future violence. She brings her expertise in the realm of peer and health education, her training in crisis counseling, her experience in research and social outreach, and an academic background in sexual violence to the project at hand.



Becky has devoted her career to the prevention and awareness-building efforts around sexual assault, and a devoted advocate of the movement towards a world free of sexual violence. This project is in response to a demonstrable need to enhance the conversation around the issue of sexual assault and its survivors. One other way that Becky aids in the prevention and awareness-building of sexual assault is through public speaking.

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