Honored to have had the opportunity to work with Gary and witness his artistic and compassionate brilliance.

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Powerful Voices Project was recently featured on NBC News. This was a phenomenal experience with an incredibly competent, respectful, and skillful video journalist, Skyler Reid.

I have had the honor of knowing Stephanie Hamilton-Oravetz for several years now. Our journey together began when she reached out to me to learn more about the Powerful Voices Project, and to share her phenomenal story of surviving child sexual abuse. At the time, Stephanie was working on creating the following series of photos with her friend and colleague, Gary Kaplan, in whom she found an ally, friend, and fellow photographic artist. Together, they created the stunning exhibit that will be on display at the Sebastopol Center for the Arts for five weeks.

Join me in attending the opening reception of this incredible exhibit this coming Friday, July 29th, 6-7:30pm.Kaplan and Hamilton Oravetz Continual Effect of Abuse Sebastopol Center for the Arts July through Sept 2016


Watch Stephanie’s Powerful Voices Project film by clicking on her image below:


Alissa Ackerman, PhD (PVP Affiliate and University of Washington criminal justice professor) speaks about her research on the radio program, Against the Grain: A Program about Politics, Society and Ideas.

Why do men commit rape, child sexual abuse, and other sex crimes? Does the answer lie in the way males are brought up, in the traits they’re encouraged and expected to develop? Alissa Ackerman contends that while certain aspects of masculinities — the socially constructed ways in which men perform their manhood — can be factors contributing to sexual violence, others can help men refrain from it.

Listen to the interview here.

“A new study shows a “striking” difference in effectiveness between programs that address gender and power, and those that don’t… This is a cutting of the vacuum seal sex education sometimes places around sexual health and behavior, as though young people’s choices can be separated from their surroundings and upbringing, as though they won’t be swayed by anything but knowledge of the facts. Including a discussion of the effects of traditional gender roles and the consequences of unequal power in relationships better reflects the reality that young people’s choices about sex will take place in. And according to this study at least, that seems to lead to safer sex and better outcomes.”


I am so honored to have been asked to become an advocate with the A2A Alliance!

The Adversity 2 Advocacy Alliance is an all volunteer 501(c)3 nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting and fostering the power of turning personal challenges into service to others with similar challenges. To this end, A2A has three primary objectives: (1) Network and support inspiring individuals who have turned adversity into advocacy; (2) Provide pathways to advocacy for anyone facing adversity; and (3) Showcase the proven power of turning adversity into advocacy.

An amazing and kindred organization. Let’s keep up this important work!

Advocate page: http://a2aalliance.org/advocates/becky-fein/

Radio clip with Jeff Bell: http://a2aalliance.org/a2a-spotlight/spotlight-becky-fein/

The A2A Alliance | From Adversity to Advocacy

We are extremely grateful and proud to have been selected for a $1,500 grant from the Bread for the Journey Foundation of Sonoma County. This money will go directly to a much needed technology upgrade, enhancing our organization’s capacity to release these important stories!

Many thanks to the board members of Bread for the Journey for a kind, thoughtful, and pleasant process, and this much appreciated support!!

Learn more about Bread for the Journey and see PVP featured on the front page by clicking here!


thank you

The Powerful Voices Project is committed to enhancing the conversation around sexual assault by facilitating personal storytelling. We interview individuals who reach out ready to share their stories.

We are dedicated to diversity and inclusiveness regarding gender, race, sexual orientation, ability, age, ethnicity, religion, geography, and class.

If you or someone you know feels ready to share, or would like to know more about the process, we invite you to reach out!

No story is too small, your story matters.

The Powerful Voices Project was featured in the Sunday, February 15th edition of the Press Democrat! Many thanks to Julie Johnson for her adept, elegant, and sensitive reporting on this project and the issue of sexual assault. Link to article here.

Photo by John Burgess/Press Democrat