Frequently Asked Questions

Who interviews with the Powerful Voices Project (PVP)?

If you are someone who has experienced sexual assault in your lifetime and consider yourself on the journey of recovery, we would love to hear from you. Every story is unique and individual. People often ask if their story matters in the grand scheme, or if it is “important enough” to share. To that we say without reservation, a resounding YES.

PVP is committed to diversity and inclusiveness regarding gender, race, sexual orientation, ability, age, ethnicity, religion, geography, and class.

I think that what I experienced was sexual assault, but it wasn’t as bad as those ones I see in the news… is my story worth sharing?

YES. Your story is unique and important. The vast majority of sexual assault (upwards of 75%) is perpetrated by people with whom we are acquainted. That said, the sexual assault that we see discussed frequently in the news is not representative of the issue.

Your story will undoubtedly touch another person in a meaningful way, show someone else that they are not alone, and deepen the conversation around this important issue.

Also, you are not alone. There is a growing community of people who are sharing their stories of surviving and thriving, and would love to hear your voice. Many of them also thought that their story was not worthy of sharing, and we are ever grateful that they did.

If I reach out, do I have to go on camera?

Nope! The process is in your hands, as the interviewee. We will start with off-camera conversations, and only if and when you feel ready will the camera enter the scene.

Is there a way that I can share my story anonymously?

Yes. While the videos themselves are not anonymous, we also have the Give it a Voice project, which can remain nameless/picture-less, if you would like.

What happens when I reach out to PVP?

When you reach out to interview for our project, you control the conversation.

Because of the sensitive nature of our content, we encourage you to consider when you would like to initiate the conversation with us and do so when you feel ready. At the Powerful Voices Project, we view the initiation of these conversations to be an important milestone along each individual’s journey, and we will not ask anyone to take a step that they are not enthusiastically ready for.

We document the journeys of individuals as they have experienced it. Unlike a typical question and answer style interview, we ask that the interviewee tell us the story of their journey highlighting the landmarks that they consider to be important along the way.

Is what I experienced considered sexual assault?

There are many different terms used to describe sexual-related trauma, and we have carefully chosen “sexual assault” as one that we feel encompasses the wide spectrum. Overall, sexual assault is, by definition, sexual contact without active consent.

Active consent is…

  • About having a choice.
  • A voluntary, positive agreement between the participants to engage in specific sexual activity.
  • Clear and unambiguous from each participant at every stage of a sexual encounter.
  • More than the absence of “no.”
  • Involves consciousness.
  • About equal power (including age, ability, profession, etc.)

A prior relationship does not indicate consent to future activity.

If you have questions, please feel free to reach out.