Dearest Friends, Family, Fellow Journeyers, and Fans!

We are so proud and excited by how phenomenally well our project launch has been received and responded to already! We have made some major headway with our Journey: professional connections around the state, lots of logistics underway, and most importantly, some amazing interviews illuminating the strong and beautiful Journeys of these people who have experienced sexual assault in their lifetimes.

We are currently working to get the word out so that people who are interested and ready know that we are here and can contact us. We believe that making the decision to share one’s Journey is a personal one and therefore we ask that those who are feeling inspired by this project initiate a conversation with us via email, Facebook, or Twitter (@journeyofvoices)!

If you or someone that you know might be interested in learning more about the process, please check out our website and share the project with your networks.

Together, we will break the silence!

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