Dear Everyone,
We’d like to introduce to you all a project that we are delving into starting this summer… We are currently seeking out a few people who would be interested and able to be interviewed in our documentary project to vamp up discussion around the reality of sexual assault in our society. Please help us spread the word by forwarding this message, posting this to blogs, and talking about it to anyone who you think would like to know!

The Mission
The Journey of Powerful Voices is a project created by visionary partners, Frances McCorkle and Becky Fein, that will change the discourse around people who are survivors of sexual assault related trauma.  The project will fuel the shift in perception of victims and survivors of sexual assault by illustrating the stories of their paths of healing. This shift of paradigm is a step towards a more realistic understanding of the staggeringly high prevalence of sexual assault that exists, and a push to raise awareness that will bring an end to the phenomenon.
The Background
After several years of deep discussion and research around sexual assault, combined with the experience of our own healing journeys, it became clear to us how misunderstood the reality of this phenomenon is in our society.  It was then that we decided to combine our skills (Frances’ study of visual journalism and Becky’s academic background of sociology and public health and a shared passion as sexual assault activists) to actuate this important discussion on a macro scale.
The Project
The Journey itself will take place starting June 2012 when we will begin our trek across the United States interviewing 25-30 people about their personal journeys of healing after experiencing a sexual assault related trauma. The interviews will culminate into a full-length documentary giving voice to the powerful stories of the survivors and the projects, careers, artwork, activism, and other endeavors that have been created along their paths of healing.
Getting Involved…
The stage we are currently embarking upon is the creation of a promotional video, the first interviews of our documentary.

We are seeking 2-3 people who are interested in being a part of our project as an interviewee.

If you are someone who has experienced sexual assault at any point in your life and are interested in sharing the powerful story of your healing journey, please contact us, we would love to talk with you. We will be filming in the month of August, so please contact us soon!
Please contact us also if you have any questions, words of encouragement, or constructive ideas; the success of this mission is based on expanding the discourse to make the change and we would love to hear from you too.

Lastly, please spread the word. Share this email with your friends, neighbors, and families and offer them the opportunity to give voice to a story that will inspire and empower the healing journeys of many others.
Thank you for your time and support,
Becky Fein & Frances McCorkle
The Journey of Powerful Voices
Creating Strength Out of Trauma
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