We’ve had a productive week of collecting equipment, spreading the word, and planning for our first round of interviews next week! We are excited to be making progress with our promotional video, (watch for it on this website as soon as it is edited and ready, sometime in September).
We have a highly promising connection to the Integrative Medical Clinic Foundation, who is very interested in becoming our fiscal agent. This organization is one that is committed to hearing the voices of their patients, and looking to heal the body in a holistic and integrative way. We feel that our missions align nicely, and the paperwork is in progress to make it official!
Our main goal right now it to spread the word as far and wide as possible so that people who are interested in the topic, or who are interested in talking with us can reach out to us. Please help us in this endeavor by posting this blog, or spreading the word on your Facebook or Twitter, or by simply talking about it to your friends and family.
We are so pleased at how this has been received thus far, and we look forward to reaching out and learning more about all of the people who are committed to broadening the scope of the conversation around sexual assault.
Have a great week!

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