Off-Camera Options

Giving Recovery a Voice

In response to many people reaching out who are willing to share their powerful stories as survivors and thrivers of sexual assault, we have created a forum for off-camera empowerment-based story-sharing.

You may be someone who paints, collages, plays music, takes photographs, writes poetry or short stories, or any other form of expression – we invite you to submit a piece that reflects your experience of survival after having experienced sexual assault – with your name or anonymously – when you are ready.

Please scan or type your piece and email it to

Submissions will be posted here as they are received.

Kindred Project: Report It, Girl

A space for written accounts of personal experiences. Share your story here.

Report It, Girl
/rəˈpôrt it, ɡərl/
1. (v) To give a written account of something one has experienced.
2. (v) To heal through expressive writing, community and resources.
3. (v) To end the culture of silence around sexual violence.

Read other people’s stories here.

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