This was posted by a friend of mine this morning. On her way to work she experienced sexual harassment and here she articulately reflects on how it felt.

  • What would you have done in her shoes?
  • How can we shift the culture to ensure a safe space for all?

Brothers, I love you. But I need more of you that I love and trust. I was sexually harassed on the train this morning… Was sitting enjoying my morning, dressed cute and professional and feeling good, when next to me a man started touching himself down there and started to pull it out. I almost gagged and immediately got up and walked clear to the other side of the train car. Then I started chastising myself: why didn’t I scream at him, curse him, tell him that is not acceptable and he cannot do that to me or any other woman who will sit idly by?! Next time I will try to get the words out. I will not give a damn if I create a scene. But really, is that my burden to bear in a moment of disgust, embarrassment and fear? Or should other brothers be looking out for women as the protectors I thought they were supposed to be? I really don’t want to be racist or sexist, but there are too many brothers out there who harass me on the REGULAR and not enough who stand up for me and help me feel safe in my own city. 

If I’m off or insensitive in making this comment or could see this situation, please tell me. This topic needs way more debate than it gets, at least for me.

Or maybe I just need more brotherly love?? 

Thank you for sharing your experience, Ihotu Ali.

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