Dear Friends, Survivors, Supporters, Story-Tellers, et al. Today is Giving Tuesday! This is an opportunity to stand with masses and support worthy causes in the spirit of holiday giving (and end-of-year tax deductions)! Please consider donating to the Powerful Voices...

The Journey of Stephanie Burns

“Surviving is important. Thriving is elegant.” – Dr. Maya Angelou Stephanie Burns is a phenomenal woman who experienced trauma as a young adult and had the remarkable courage to report the incident and undergo a trial. Inspired by the words of the...

The F-Word

Uhmm, yeah. Why is this such a big deal!?Ellen Page, young star of the 2007 film Juno, discusses the trouble of the word “feminism” being so extreme and condemned.http://www.guardian.co.uk/film/2013/jul/03/ellen-page-interview-the-east

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