Talking to your Kids About Sexual Abuse

Columbia University professor and Vice President of Education of Planned Parenthood Leslie Kantor writes about how to speak with your kids about sexual abuse. This is crucial. Side note: Ms. Kantor was...

Jackie, UVA, and Believing Survivors

What scares me most about the University of Virginia situation and the anonymous young woman whose story was published in Rolling Stone magazine is that it was done so without her permission. Indeed, she had expressly requested that she be removed from the story, and...


Dear Friends, Survivors, Supporters, Story-Tellers, et al. Today is Giving Tuesday! This is an opportunity to stand with masses and support worthy causes in the spirit of holiday giving (and end-of-year tax deductions)! Please consider donating to the Powerful Voices...


“Everyone has a role to play in stopping sexual assault. Watch this PSA and pledge to be part of the solution.” → #ItsOnUs [youtube]

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