Dear Friends, Survivors, Supporters, Story-Tellers, et al. Today is Giving Tuesday! This is an opportunity to stand with masses and support worthy causes in the spirit of holiday giving (and end-of-year tax deductions)! Please consider donating to the Powerful Voices...


“Everyone has a role to play in stopping sexual assault. Watch this PSA and pledge to be part of the solution.” → ItsOnUs.org #ItsOnUs [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jQbymKIyJns]

JOPV on the RADIO!! – KOWS 107.3FM

Tune in to KOWS 107.3FM for an interview with yours truly, Frances and Becky. We’ll be talking about our progress so far on the project, our overall scope, the origination of the idea, and why something like this project is needed in our society. We might even...

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