Testimonies from individuals who have participated in the Powerful Voices Project:

“The Powerful Voices Project is a brilliant addition to the awareness movement around sexual trauma and its healing.  Allowing someone to listen and watch a fellow traveler on the road to healing is inspiring, supportive and helpful.  Often with this kind of trauma, one feels isolated, alone and without resources to begin the healing process.  Watching someone speak about their journey helps someone come out of isolation and realize that their experience, while unique to them, is widely known and experienced.  It allows for connection where before there was none.  I am grateful to be a part of this wonderful project.” – Meagan Pugh, LPCC, D.Min., ATR-BC, SEP & PVP Interviewee

“As they say in the therapy world, ‘We’re only as sick as our secrets’.  The Powerful Voices Project has provided a beautiful avenue for us survivors to share our darkest secrets—some for the first time—and thereby begin the long journey toward being healed and whole again. What a gift!” – Sandra Maresca, Former Board Member, United Against Sexual Assault

“When I heard of the Powerful Voices Project I knew I needed to do an interview for them. Too many women are abused and assaulted on a daily basis. This gave me the opportunity to tell the story of healing. To let people know that while the abuse is indelible, healing can happen and we can learn how to thrive. The process was gentle and empowering. These ladies know how to tell a powerful story!” – Jessica Wolfe, PVP Interviewee

“Thank you so much for creating yet another way for my voice and story to be heard, both for me and for the survivors and thrivers it will impact!” – Stephanie Burns, PVP Interviewee

“The PVP braves to stand up against silence, has the courage to speak our truths, and has the ability to empower those behind the camera and those in the audience. Until the norm is to speak up, PVP will blaze the trails to capture the strength of survivors who inspire all of us to be allies and put an end to the violence.” -Justine Fonte, MPH

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