The Journey of Becky Fein

“When the truth is finally recognized, survivors can begin their recovery. But far too often secrecy prevails, and the story of the traumatic event surfaces not as a verbal narrative but as a symptom… we realized the power of speaking the unspeakable and witnessed firsthand the creative energy that is released when the barriers of denial and repression are lifted.” – Judith Herman, Trauma and Recovery
After years of asking people to share their stories with me as the director of the Powerful Voices Project, I’ve finally turned the camera around on myself. The process of creating my own video has been a challenging, yet productive experience. I am honored to join the ranks of the amazing people who have already interviewed for this project, and those who will in the future.
This video represents the first time that I have publicly spoken about my experience of sexual assault while traveling in my early 20s through Europe. The experience has in many ways shaped my career and my personal relationships, and my recovery is ever-evolving.
I stand on the shoulders of the brave people who have spoken out about their journeys of recovery and resiliency before me.

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