Hello All,
Exciting news on the JOPV front… we had our first feature in a newspaper released last week! Access our article in the Sonoma County Gazette at:
Link no longer available.
In other news, we have officially collected all of our footage for the upcoming promotional video that Frances is busily transcribing and editing for release in the near future! A special thanks to all of you who loaned us equipment, supported our efforts, and most of all, those who chose to share the story of their own Journey.
Currently, Becky has moved back to New York City to finish her degree program and will continue working on the project from afar. While on separate coasts, we will keep up our Journey’s journey by making connections, gathering information, and spreading the word.
This exciting photo is evidence of our early morning excursion in Frances’ mini cooper to collect footage of the ‘traveling road’ for the promo. In the early stages, we must be creative! Get excited to see it!

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