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  1. I am a daughter of one of the women who helped make your videos. My mother and I have both overcome violence against us, and I am proud of her involvement in this org. I am also pleased to promote 1 Billion on my site and in my community. I am aware too, of so many little boys and even men who are victims of domestic violence. I know that not all organizations can be all things to everyone, but I want to add this to the dialog: men are affected by breast cancer, just as they are affected by domestic violence. On the journey to raise awareness and end both killers, let’s remember to be inclusive in our approach. My husband is a survivor of severe abuse. He nearly died at his father’s hand. Compassion is for everyone who needs it.

    • Hello, thank you for reaching out and sharing. We’d love to visit your site if you’re willing to share. Please know, though unfortunately our trailer wasn’t able to include the full spectrum of diversity of the many people who experience sexual assault, our goal with this project to highlight the voices of all survivors. Please stay tuned in as we progress and share the word with anyone who you feel would like to know about a project of this nature. Our goal is to interview anyone who reaches out and wants to share their story. -Becky & Frances

  2. Becky, I am so proud and inspired by you!
    Please call me sometime, I’d love to help expand your message on the Boston/east coast area. How can I help?

    Very Respectfully,
    Stephan Lindgren
    (978) 489-8080

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